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Here’s what some of the previous attendees had to say about the residential workshop...

Thank you so much for a wonderful time.  Everything has beenso relaxed, yet professional and organized.  It has been an inspiration hearing so much wonderful music.
We had a wonderful time in Viney Hill.  It was a pleasure to see so many children playing different instruments.  We were impressed how busy and yet interesting the schedule was for the children.
Wonderful as always! As always! Inspiring!
We have all had a wonderful time as always – can’t wait until next year!  Thank you.
A wonderful musical experience for the whole family.  A lovely friendly atmosphere.
Everything’s been fantastic so far as usual….. loved the jazz and fiddling as this was a great new experience.  All very wonderful.
It was quite a journey to come from the South of France to Viney Hill.  Although I am not sure where exactly we are, we feel very much at home.  The atmosphere is all embracing and easy.  We are enjoying the relaxed workshops very much.   We hope to be back next year.   Such a friendly place!
I love violin!
Awesome because I like the songs that we had to play.
Should be a day longer.
The food and activities are great, the jazz is great fun.
Brilliant, but next time we can do better because I will be eight and can do better activities.
Better than sleeping!
Definitely extra day(s) and more drumming!
Brilliant mix of violin and activities.  The range of music is very exciting and stimulating.
It’s really fun, but can we have some extra days here?
I love the campfires!
More toasted marshmallows please!
The most ‘looked forward to’ weekend of the year!!  Thank you for another fantastic course – the atmosphere, the music, the friendships… and this year they particularly loved the new experience of jazz and fiddling.  Looking forward to next year already.
The camp has been great as usual!  Really enjoyed the Bolero.  Please more pieces like that?  … The food was amazing!
Could it be any longer?  I loved the activities.
I think the course should be longer.
I loved the jazz.
It was awesome !!!
Completely brilliant!  
So good to see so much progress over the weekend and since last year.